This year on the 20th of October 2019, Rhythm ‘n’ Run Marathon Club Antwerp organises the sixth edition of Linker Oevert: A running competition measured by AIMS and a charity run in support of the Child Cancer Foundation.

Every runner, no matter his or her age or level is welcome at our event. It takes place in the middle of the marathon season, so you can train for your future marathons during this recreational competition. Linkeroever is a hidden gem in Antwerp, Belgium. It is located next to the river Scheldt, and the runners have a constant view on the skyline of Antwerp. They will follow a varied track close to the water; they will run through a forest, on a Finnish running track, through the marina, …

Your time will be measured and registered by well known electronic timing specialist: Chrono Race.

Our club is — beside organizing running events in Antwerp, Belgium — specialized in organized visits of long trails, ultraruns and international marathons.

Linker Oevert has 5 disciplines:

  • Ekiden 13/00Pm

  • 1/10 Marathon 14/00PM

  • 10 km 14/45PM

  • 1/2 Marathon 15/00PM

  • Marathon 12/00PM


Blancefloerlaan 1
2050 Linkeroever

Here you can collect your bib number on the 20th of October from 12pm. You can still register here if you aren’t already registered.

Showers, toilets, cloakroom, dressing rooms, band, free drinks & hotdogs, … will be available near or on this domain. Afterwards you can also collect your medal and goodie bag here.

Bib numbers can also be collected at our Pasta Party.


On the 19th of October 2019, we organise a pasta party at BAR'LO (BEATRIJSLAAN 1 - 2050 ANTWERPEN (Linkeroever). Here you can collect your bib number and enjoy free pasta FROM 01.00PM untill 17.00PM !

It’s also possible to register during the race day itself.

Preregistration service provided by our timing partner Chronorace.

What to do in Antwerp?

During your stay in Antwerp, you can visit the historical parts of the city; The Cathedral of Our Lady, The Stone (castle near the Scheldt), the guild houses, the Main Square, The Rubens’ house, The Central Station, as well as its modern buildings such as the renowned museum the MAS (museum on the stream), the MoMu (fashion museum) and the Red Star Line Museum. Antwerp is the second most populous city in Belgium, Diamond capital of the world and a rising fashion capital with its Royal Academy of Fine arts.

Where to stay?

These hotels are located near the historic center.

How to get there?

Antwerp can easily be reached by train from the National Airport. At Brussels Airport, you can take a train to Antwerp Central. Take a look at the website of Belgium’s rail company NMBS: Your end destination is ‘Antwerpen-Centraal’.

In Antwerp, there are different ways to reach the left river bank, Linkeroever. You can take multiple trams: lines 15, 9, 3, 4 with destination ‘Linkeroever’. You will have to get off at the premetro station 'Van Eeden’.
For more information about Antwerp’s public transport, go to:

Further info

If you have any questions about our event, or your stay in Antwerp, don’t hesitate to contact us on our facebook page: